• International Photo Hunting
      Participated by 29 photographers from 10 countries:
      1. Australia
      2. Italy
      3. Morocco
      4. Oman
      5. Saudi Arabia
      6. Thailand
      7. Turkey
      8. United Emirates Arab
      9. United Kingdom
      10. Indonesia
      In this program, we could have an opportunity to exchange information and knowledge about photography in a global scale, to cooperate and strengthen the networking between photographers from different countries. Also the opportunity to takes part in presenting many potential Indonesia‚Äôs tourism to the world
    -  Photo gallery for Wonderful Indonesia Photo Trip 2015
  • International Photo Competition : Cross Continental Circuit (CCC)       
      Organized by 3 countries : Indonesia, Germany and USA
      3 judging in 3 countries
      International Patronage : PSA and FIAP
      Deadline : November 27, 2016
      Website for upload : Cross Continental Circuit
      Facebook : Cross Continental Circuit
      Photo gallery for Cross Continental Circuit:
         *  Judging Section 2015
         *  Judging Section 2016
  • International Photo Competition : Zone Photographic Circuit       
      Organized by Indonesia and UAE
      2 judging in Indonesia and 2 Judging in UAE
      International Patronage : PSA and UPI and RPS
      Deadline : 14 February 2016
      Website : Zone Photographic Circuit
      Facebook : Zone Photographic Circuit
      Photo gallery for Zone Photographic Circuit Judging Section
  • Wonderful Indonesia Photo Exhibition 2016 | Istanbul, Konya - Turkey
      Photography Exhibition about Indonesia with the theme "Wonderful Indonesia" in Turkey. It is a join exhibition between Indonesia Photographers under Art Photography of Indonesia and Turkish Photographers.
      -  Photo Gallery of Wonderful Indonesia Photo Exhibition in Turkey 2016
  • Wonderful Indonesia Photo Exhibition 2016 | Bangkok - Thailand
      Wonderful Indonesia Photo Exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand has been held successfully on 4-10 April 2016.
    The exhibition is held in Siam Paragon Mall, Bangkok (The biggest mall in Thailand)
      -  Photo Gallery of Wonderful Indonesia Photo Exhibition in Thailand 2016