Agatha Bunanta

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Born and Live in Indonesia
Graduated as a Master of Business Administration (MBA), USA


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Photography Distinctions

  • Hon.CNPS (CandraNaya Photographic Society), Indonesia
  • Hon.SSS (Sille Sanat Sarayi), Turkey
  • APSA (Associate of Photographic Society of America), USA : awarded due to contributions to the advancement of photography that are primarily service oriented both in national and international photography community. The first and only Indonesia Photographer who receive this title.
  • GMPSA (Grand Master Photographic Society of America), USA : the first and only Indonesia photographer who receive this title
  • SPSA (Silver Photographic Society of America), USA , Portfolio Distinctions PSA : the first and only female Indonesia photographer who receive this title
  • ARPS (Associate of Royal Photographic Society), UK : the first female Indonesia photographer who receive this title
  • EFIAP/p (Excellence Federation International del’ Art Photographique) : the first and only Indonesia photographer who receive this title
  • GPU-Crown4 (Global Photographic Union) : the first Indonesia photographer who receive this title
  • GPU-VIP3 (Global Photographic Union) : the first and only Indonesia Photographer who receive this title
  • A.FPSI*** (Federation of Photographic Society of Indonesia) : the first Indonesia photographer who receive this title
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Photography Activity

  • PSA (Photographic Society of America) International Relationships Vice President
  • PSA Member of Board of Director
  • PSA Region Director and Liaison Officer for Indonesia
  • PSA Ethics Review Board : 2014 – 2017
  • Awarded as PSA international representative of the year 2012
  • One of the Speaker in PSA Conference, Albuquerque , New Mexico 2014
  • Chairperson of Royal Photographic Society Indonesia Chapter
  • Founder and Chairperson of Indonesia Salon of Art Photography , the first international salon in Indonesia that is recognized by PSA, FIAP and RPS
  • Treasurer in CandraNaya Photographic Society (CNPS), one of the oldest photo club in Indonesia (2008-2016)
  • Curator and Editor of the Photography Book “Mata Indonesia” that is published by CandraNaya Photographic Society – 2014
  • Steering Committee of International Photo Week Indonesia 2014 , working together with the Indonesia Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. This program was attended by 40 photographers from 25 countries
  • Appointed as a Guest Professor in Shangdong University of Art and Design, Jinan, China – 2014
  • Juror for many national and international photo competitions
  • Agatha gives photography lecturers
  • She is considered to be the pioneer in international salon in Indonesia since 2006 until now
  • She actively introducing, teaching, helping and encouraging many Indonesian photographers to get more exposure in international photography and to get photography distinctions
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Medal/Prize In Photography Competitions

  • Received Medal of Honors from Al Thani Awards, Qatar, 2011
  • Top Overseas EID Exhibitors in PSA Who’s Who 2006,2007,2008,2009,2010,2011
  • Top Worldwide exhibitors in Small Print Monochrome in PSA who’s who 2007,2008,2009,2011
  • Top Overseas Exhibitors in PID, Nature Prints, Digital Photo Travel, Photo Travel Prints, Photojournalism Projected Images, Photojournalism Projected Images, Small Monochrome Prints, Small Color Prints in PSA Who’s Who in 2013
  • Received Adam Malik Award Trophy (Best Author) – Indonesia Salon – 2009 and 2014
  • Awarded Honorable Photography Award of the Year from Sille Sanat Sarayi, Konya Turkey – 2014
  • Award winning photographer, has more than 2000 acceptances and received more than 400 medals and honorable mentions from international and national photo competitions
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[row] [span10] When I started photography as a hobby in 2003, I never imagine that I will be seriously involve in photography.
I love to travel and that is what I started to know about photography.
In 2003, I decided to learn photography more seriously,
changed my pocket camera to DSLR.
I took photography lessons, joined photo hunting,
joined the photo clubs and started to join photo competitions,
both nationally and internationally.
My interest subject of photography is about people and cultures.
Even when I take landscape photography, I always tend to
include people in my pictures.
As Indonesia is a cultural rich country,
I travelling around Indonesia to take pictures of cultural events and festivals.
I visited villages, I meet and interact with many people from children to old people.
Photography has already become part of my life,
a medium to express my artistic feelings, a medium to broaden my vision.
Photography has taught me about lives and made me become more sensitive to the people lives surround me.
Photography is a medium to share with others and a medium to meet many new friends.

– Agatha Anne Bunanta –

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