Mission and Vision

  • Our Mission is to build awareness and appreciation of the community to care and proactive in the art of photography. We connect, encourage, and expand cooperation, communication, collaboration and networking with national and international photographic organizations and individuals,national and international to the development of photography in Indonesia.
  • Our Vision is to provide coaching and support to the Indonesian photographer so he or she is able to compete in international photography community. To give high appreciation to the art photographers.
      To achieve our mission and vision we will :
                  1.    Organize courses, trainings, workshops, seminars, non-formal education related to photography
                  2.    Support the advancement in art photography that drives into the creative industries
                  3.    Organize photography exhibitions both national and international
                  4.    Organize photography competition both national and international
                  5.    Assist the development of Indonesian tourism through photography
                  6.    Published photography books, articles, papers and materials based on the results of the activities of Art Photography of Indonesia
                  7.    Receive and distribute donations in the form of knowledge, books, etc and funding from other parties who support the mission and vision of the foundation